People lies , it’s given since we aren’t perfect. We make mistakes and the least that we can do is to make it up with them.


It’s really a given to lie to someone.


But in lying .Those liars


I just really hated how they make up their reasons.


” I lied to protect you. ”


” It was for your own good. ”


” I lied because I don’t wants you to leave me. ”


And such pathetic reasons…




Hearts are really breakable and fragile but no one can spare it from hurting. You can’t avoid pain. It’s inevitable. Besides , pain isn’t that bad. It will actually taught you so many things in different stages in life.




If you don’t want someone to leave you. It would be great to be faithful. It’s not just about being handsome / beautiful or being rich. For me ,it was actually about loyalty. If you’re loyal , you won’t cheat , you won’t lie and you won’t make her cry on purpose.


And lastly.


We should realize that we aren’t really protecting them by concealing the truth. We are actually protecting ourselves.

We lie for them not to know the truth. For them not to leave us.


You make mistake and yet you have the nerve to say that you wanted to protect someone. That’s bullshit !


You’re just being selfish. We are selfish to make mistake and still wanted them to stay with us.


It’s annoying and really irritating to cover yourself just to be good in other people’s eyes , pretending to be a good person when the truth was your attitude was rotten. Its unacceptable and really disgusting !


“It’s better to hurt me with the truth than to make me happy with your lies.”



It’s true coz there’s no secret that will never be revealed. All secrets are meant to be discovered.


So it was actually you , the one who hold your own destiny. To reveal the truth before it’s too late..


Coz the longer you keep a secret , it’s adding the pain.








I’m not really good in English. Bear with me 😀